Olmedo, Cristóbal

Olmedo brings us closer to his creation in a personal way. Not in vain says: “there is probably nothing as intimate as create, is removing a part of one, in order to share it with others. In the substance and form the painter is a “humanist”.

Olmedo performs an everyday life´s perfect synecdoche. By means of a great technical brings us closer to a reality where the viewer is essential to complete the work. Christopher Olmedo appeals to our imagination, which has to add the suggested elements although not represented. How to deal with the color is equally realistic although with overtones of abstraction. Like the american hyperrealist, the work of Olmedo does not remain in the banality of the represented.His work, highly reflective, we discover similarities with the Minimal Art or with the Conceptual Art. However, unlike Don Heddy or Andrea, Christopher Olmedo is not confronted with the society. Quite the contrary, it seeks to represent the beauty of a landscape construction or of a concrete image in any one day. Thus, Olmedo brings into play the exercise of the perception and presents us with a work with a synthetic reality of nature depend of a operative and conceptual work.


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