Gavilán, Ángela

Río de Janeiro, 1959

Leaves, dreams that the wind draws the air. 


Lies between Aranda de Duero and Madrid. Painter, photographer and writer. Daughter of Spanish immigrants arrived in Madrid in 1972, where he learned the techniques of painting and photography. Cursa Aesthetic Pedagogy, Sociology and Graphic creativity. Since 1986 exhibits in International Samples and Galleries. His work is distributed in many private collections in Spain, France, Germany, Portugal, Brazil and Mexico and has painted several large murals for public spaces. 
Organised by the Cultural Association Senior Center Painting Workshop, Exhibitions and Conferences (Fermented image, Night, Silence, Leaves, With one foot on the ground, Painting the air, water Skin, Stay , Utopias, Untitled, Blank). Directs photography workshop IES Sandoval y Rojas for 10 years and was a founding partner of Ara.Actualmente combines painting with books. 27 illustrates the Library Journal and publishes a book of poems Blue Apple, Aranda-travelogue and illustrated story Ana and Paloma. 

Angela Gavilan increasingly surprising. The sheet, the sea; nature in short, is the world of inspiration for his work. There are two ways of seeing the sea: the visible, where the deep, dark blue discovered. The invisible, the unseen sea, where we see, closer to the coast much lighter color. Like the artist had to cross the sea when he came to Spain, his works traveling within themselves with fixed direction towards infinity. A Baudelle fashion, we must not stay in the represented in the image itself, we have to look beyond as the sea itself that is lost on the horizon of our vision. (Rodrigo Juarranz del Cura) 


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