Marcos Tamargo

obra de marcos tamargo

He is a Spanish plastic artist born in Gijón, Asturias. In spite of his young age, he is one of the most outstanding artists of the Spanish painting scene, since with just thirty years old, he already has several works exhibited in world-class museums of the stature of The Hispanic Society Museum, as well as in galleries around the world.
He has a constant and active participation in international art fairs, in cities such as New York, Miami, Brussels, Geneva, Karlsruhe … Being present in more than ten a year. As a complement to this promising career, Marcos Tamargo is in charge of portraying the winners of the Prince of Asturias Award, as well as His Majesty King Philip.
Marcos Tamargo is a painter who works mainly an abstract-figurative language, creating especially vital works because they are intimately linked to his personal life. One of its most important and identifiable features is the use and transformation of matter in the form of textures, collected in the different places or situations of which its work speaks, in order to capture on the canvas the rightful essence of the material, in a palpable way. Regarding its technique, it includes all conventional registers: oil, acrylic, enamels … on all types of media (paper, canvas, board …)
In addition to technical techniques, Marcos Tamargo is the creator of a new contribution to painting that he calls himself Moveart. It is about two different works on the same canvas, one visible in a conventional way and the other appearing only under a black light. In this way, a single work can show a landscape, and when the light is out, it changes dramatically to produce, for example, a portrait.

To commemorate the ten years of the Rodrigo Juarranz Gallery (16-12-2006) and within his entrepreneurial spirit, an ambitious project has been tackled:
The Artist’s Book: Spiritual Canticle of Saint John of the Cross, considered the most important text of Spanish mysticism. This is the edition of the 39 stanzas accompanied by six engravings and an original drawing in each book by the renowned artist Marcos Tamargo. The project has a global nature since it has been published in 11 languages: Spanish, German, French, Mandarin Chinese, English, Hindi, Arabic, Korean, Japanese, Russian and Portuguese.
It has been presented at international and national level in Art Madrid ’17.

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