Mercedes del Cura

Mercedes del Cura is an artist committed to the world around her. His gaze rests on aspects that, because they seem everyday, are worthy of being captured and shown. In his photographs he achieves compositions and perspectives that allow him to tell a story in motion, with continuity, allowing the observer to imagine what the portrayed person will do next. Or the portrayed. Because the people are the protagonists of his images, with their traditions and customs.

This selection of images was exhibited for the first time at the celebration of #Fotonoche2018 in Alcobendas, which the director of the PIC.A Escuela Internacional Alcobendas PHOTOESPAÑA, José María Díaz Maroto, encouraged visitors to visit with these words:

“In # Fotonoche2018, we will see your Iranian reportage on Muharram, a commemoration of the martyrdom suffered by Imam Hussein and for which people try to feel the pain he must have suffered: choral images and rituals of prayer, prostration or flogging, in contrast with acts of daily necessity, and where the black of mourning and the ocher of the ground dominate.”


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