Tamargo, Marcos

'Of Earth and Fire' . 2013.

Aquatint on polymer, serigraphy and embossing on handmade paper of 500 grs.

Edition of 100 copies + 27 illuminated by hand + 10 PA + 10 HC + 1 BN + 1 BAT

June- September 2013

70 x 80 cm.

€590 VAT included.

Marcos Tamargo (Gijón 1982) made this first intaglio engraving of his career between June and September 2013. The work was born as an accompaniment to the preferred copies of the book Marcos Tamargo 2007/2013 published by the Rodrigo Juarranz Gallery in October of that same year.

The source of inspiration is opera, specifically Madama Butterfly by Giacomo Puccini. In this scene, Madama Butterfly is hidden behind some hedges waiting for her beloved, because she doesn't want to die of love at first glance.

In the lower left part of the piece we can see a stroke of red dripping. The action of throwing the painting on the support will give us the idea of ​​movement. Red, a symbol of blood, of fire, but also of passion and love, symbolizes Madama herself hidden behind the vegetation.

In a second stage we find that vegetation that hides it from the loved one. This is created from simple finger gesture swipes that will drag the paint. The different spikes are crowned with the artist's own fingerprints in the form of flowers, thus making a nod to cave art; to the origin of art in man (imprint of hands). This vegetation gradually fades to the right of the composition until it becomes the musical score of the opera.

In a third stage, to the right of the work, we find a spot without a defined shape that fades to the left... It is about the beloved who, getting off a steamboat and entering the water vapour, screams "Butterfly!, Butterfly!"... But he can't find it...

The fourth stage of the work is the landscape that closes the composition. On the right, the red sky that seems to presage the tragic destiny of Butterfly and that contrasts with the dripping of the lower left corner. Finally, on the left of the work, the mountains that complete the composition and on whose slopes we see the sea.

Series: Tribute to Ludwig Van Beethoven

Year 2014

Technique: Lithography and serigraphy illuminated by hand by the artist.

Stand Dimension: 33 x 64cm

Edition: 1/50 to 50/50 + 10 HC + 10 PA + 5 PT + 1 BN


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